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We’ll build and implement a powerful CRM (customer relationship management tool) for your business to easily track leads, organize your sales process, and know when to follow up with customers to make data driven decisions and increase your sales.

Your CRM Options

Cutomer Journey Planning

A clear cut process on the stages of communications with your clients. We aim to automate as much of this as possible whilst still keeping a personal feel so that you only start dealing with leads when we know they are high quality and not going to waste your time.

CRM Email Copy

As part of. your automation process do you need help writing the copy for your emails? We can alleviate this from you and produce all your necessary content.

Monthly Newsletter

Do you want to push out regular monthly communications to your clients, but either don't have the time to write it, or you just want it taken off your hands? We can produce and manage this content for you each month.

Data Upload & Management

If you currently have your data on a spreadsheet or somewhere offline, we can upload it for you and have everything integrated in one place on the CRM system.


Want to understand your audience better and how well your sales funnels are working? We can provide regular reporting for you as part of a monthly service

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